For questions about the Bartimaeus Sequence, a trilogy (and companion novel) by Jonathan Stroud.

The Bartimaeus Sequence is a fantasy series by Jonathan Stroud. The main trilogy consists of:

  • The Amulet of Samarkand
  • The Golem's Eye
  • Ptolemy's Gate

This trilogy is set in a magical alternate London with a highly stratified society. At the top of the hierarchy are magicians, who control virtually all government positions and command considerable magical power, which has brought England great wealth and influence. Their power, however, is built upon the enslavement of spirits (imps, foliots, djinn, afrit, marids, and even more powerful varieties), and upon the exploitation of commoners. And it may not be as secure as the magicians believe....

The main characters are Bartimaeus, a djinn of considerable power; Kitty, a commoner revolutionary with a resistance to magic; and Nathaniel, a young, ambitious magician.

There is also a prequel, The Ring of Solomon. Set during the reign of the ancient Hebrew magician King Solomon, it details an attempt to steal the legendary Ring of Solomon, and the efforts of Bartimaeus to stop it.

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