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Do people in Gotham know that Batman doesn't kill?

It's more or less the premise of the movie Batman: Mask of the Phantasm (1993). A new masked vigilante is taking out the mob boss one by one and only the victim saw it wasn't Batman. As a consequence, ...
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Is Batman's utility belt ever missing something he needs?

As per ScreenRant, in Batman/Superman Vol. 2 #18 (2021) it's revealed he did not have a cauterizing iron. Using his laser vision to cauterize Batman’s heavily wounded shoulder, Batman proceeds to ...
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Where did Mr. Freeze go to school?

He did attend college (although I am unsure if it was really medical school) because that is where he met his wife, Nora. It is not stated what college or what classes he attended, but we can ...
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Does Batman's don't kill rule apply to alien villains?

Batman's no-kill rule has been disregarded and inconsistent multiple times. In fact, in the original Batman comics in 1939, he killed ruthlessly and even used a gun. Batarangs first appeared in ...
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