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Was there a particular reason for putting the driver's seat of Luke's landspeeder on the right?

The landspeeder was designed to be driven under its own power and was based around a right-hand drive vehicle called a Bond Bug. The Bug was produced solely for the UK market, hence the driver side ...
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Was the appearance of the sand worms in David Lynch's Dune (1984) completely original to that film?

The first depiction of a sandworm with 3 radially-symmetrical mouth flaps I can find is an illustration by John Schoenherr for the first part of the serialized "The Prophet of Dune" in ...
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Why so many character cliffhangers in the last episode of season one, "Chrysalis", and why wait one episode to resolve them?

Unplanned change of major character For reasons that you can read about here, Michael O'Hare was tragically unable to continue playing the lead character in Babylon 5 and a replacement was needed. ...
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What legal problems prevented T’Pau from being used in “Star Trek: Enterprise?”

This might be of interest as it also gets a bit of debate in forums from time to time: Sturgeon wrote the screenplay for Amok Time. It was originally announced that T'Pau was going to be on ...
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Was any product in Jurassic Park's Gallimimus Gift Shop available as a real world purchase?

The in-universe book "The Making of Jurassic Park by Don Shay and Jody Duncan" was also available in real bookshops, published in June 1993. The multi-coloured plush dinosaurs appear to ...
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What legal problems prevented T’Pau from being used in “Star Trek: Enterprise?”

Theodore Sturgeon created the character of T'Pau when writing Amok Time and owned the rights to the character. So when Star Trek: Enterprise was preparing for production, producers thought a younger ...
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Has Jason Fry publicly discussed the links between his short story Rendezvous Point and the Star Wars X-Wing series?

We don't need to leave the story to find evidence that this is a clear homage to X-Wing series of novels by Aaron Allston and Michael A. Stackpole, since one of the characters mentioned is Aron ...
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What has been Alec Guinness's attitude toward Star Wars?

Sir Alec admits that early on he didn't like the script and that the dialogue was rubbish, but that he made a connection to it and thought there was something there. ... the script arrived and I ...
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Was Wil Wheaton's part cut from the movie, "The Last Starfighter" (1984)

He’s right next to Granny and the shotgun in this image. He actually waves and says bye with everyone at the end so technically he has one word in the film.
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Was Bill Murray actually "in the room" with the 2016 Ghostbusters?

If you look carefully at the moment in that clip when Bill sits down at 0:49, you'll see that the sleeve in the foreground is poorly rotoscoped where it covers his hand. Part of the sleeve disappears ...
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Was Lambert being transgender known before the release of Aliens?

It is difficult to prove a negative, but it seems most likely that this was something that was only added by the production crew for Aliens and was not part of the original conception of Lambert's ...
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