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What inspired the fascist logo in the Doctor Who serial "Inferno"?

This may not be the definite answer you were seeking, as there don't appear to be any authoritative sources that could confirm what the designers were thinking. However, the origins of these kinds of ...
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Why is Starfire named after an herb?

One of Starfire's co-creators -- comicbook writer, Marv Wolfman -- stated the following in the introduction to New Teen Titans Archives Vol. 4: Before I go too far, a brief digression. I love puns, ...
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Why is Starfire named after an herb?

According to the show's creator, this pun was intentional. I love puns and as far as I'm concerned, the worse the better. Hence, our spicy Starfire is named Koriand'r, after the spice, coriander. New ...
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