Back to the Future 2 This is likely a reference to Back to the Future 2's auto lacing shoes:


User UNITBlackArchive on Reddit identified the writing (in the Wakandan alphabet that was devised by Hannah Beachler) as heir t'chaka Presumably this is a pun on Air Jordan


I'm basing this answer on Earth 616 (the main Marvel comics continuity). It is apparently the 'Heart-Shaped Herb' that is said to link the Black Panther to the Panther goddess Bast [Black Panther Vol 4 Issue 2], although there is apparently a scientific reason for the increased strength and senses that the herb gives involving a mutation of the plant from ...


Killmonger's gold suit is the exact same as T'Challa's silver one. They are both presented to T'Challa by Shuri during the movie, but T'Challa says the gold one is "Tempting, but the idea is not to be noticed." Here is that clip from the movie. And seeing how T'Challa's suit is able to absorb a large variety of kinetic ...


Killmonger most likely was not aware of the sanctums' existence. London, New York and Hong Kong are economical and political hotspots of their given continents, who are easy to access and plant operatives in. Seizing control of these particular cities first to cripple the world economy, amongst other tactics, would be peculiarly useful to his plan. There is ...


We now know that MCU Wakanda has a seacoast (off of which the seaquake mentioned in "Endgame" occurred), so all these maps must be wrong. Or perhaps Wakanda conquered some territory during the five years of global chaos caused by the Snap. Do they still give out No-Prizes?

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