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Why is there no sex in Brandon Sanderson's books?

Brandon Sanderson is a practicing Mormon, a religion which is not big on glorifying sex. He kind of commented on this in his site's FAQ entry about why violence and swearing exists in his books. My ...
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Which Sanderson works are part of the Cosmere and which aren't?

List of Cosmere works The Cosmere series is on-going, so the works that are part of it will grow. However, the more recent works set in the Cosmere have been more clearly part of a shared universe, ...
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Does Obliteration ever quote from the Book of Mormon?

Not that I can find. Obliteration appears in two books, Firefight and Calamity. I cross-referenced his quotes against the Book of Mormon and various versions of the Christian Bible. None of them seem ...
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Are the different types of magic in Brandon Sanderson's books his own invention?

In addition to Thomas's comment, I'll also note that Sanderson has three rules for writing magic: Sanderson's First Law of Magics: An author’s ability to solve conflict with magic is DIRECTLY ...
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Can I read Rhythm of War, before the rest of The Stormlight Archive or will I be lost

I think you're conflating two separate things here. Rhythm of War is the fourth book in the Stormlight Archive, and I suspect you'll be very lost if you read it before any of the others of that series....
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