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Old cartoon/movie with tiny character driving a toy red Chevy Bel Air

Partial match: The 1963 short cartoon Krtek a autíčko (the mole and the little car) has what looks similar to a Chevy Bel Air convertible (I think; I actually know nothing about cars). toy red hand-...
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Swat Kats: What is the origin of Dark Cat?

It's only a little more information, but the Tremblay brothers, creators of the show, released the "Show Bible" as part of their Kickstarter for a revival and they did include a short ...
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Swat Kats: What is the origin of Dark Cat?

Googled "Dark Kat" and found an entry in the SWAT Kats' wiki- Some say he used to be a judge to get criminals on the streets instead of prison... may also have been a tactician or scientist,...
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