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I was also searching for this episode for ages. It is called "The Ballad of Belle Bonnet" from The Real adventures of Johnny Quest. Damn, that episode was scary back in the day. The next morning, Ames explains that Belle was going to rob to get the money, but had unexpected competition from other thieves. The Indians assumed she simply took the ...


Possibly Chaechaepong Kimchipong, a 2002 Korean anime, as per my answer to Old cartoon where villain turns villagers into statues. In the most peaceful village on Earth, Singleland, a boy named Tochi lives a normal life with his grandmother. One day, all the creatures that lived in their land are suddenly petrified, leaving Tochi as the lone survivor. ...


It’s from The Revenge of Dr. Magneto (~6 minutes in): The name of the book is “Who’s Who in Science”.


Rocket Robin Hood. Small space ships, crew of two. Sherwood Asteroid and lots of underground cave adventures. Cell animation. Lots of 1970 funky jazz music and throbbing alarms. I loved this show as a kid!


You may be thinking of Aero-Troopers: The Nemeclous Crusade, a 2003 CGI movie including floating islands, a giant mechanical whale, and kids training to be soldiers. In a world of floating islands, young Joshua is orphaned after a monstrous creature destroys his home. Picked up by the airship Nemeclous, he joins her crew in their quest to hunt down and ...


"Space Ghost" made use of a small-cabined ship, and often featured caverns full of exotic machinery and robots. Many of the villains were anthropomorphic creatures (insects, etc.). Moreover, the show was a Filmation production which made use of the cel-over-layout structure you remember. "Space Ghost" often used an almost noir style in it's music and ...


Maybe The New Adventures of Flash Gordon, animated series 1979-1982. Some scenes feature caves where this lizard people enslave the characters (one of them is a Lion Anthro).

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