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Di-Gata Defenders (2007). From TvTropes: The series follows the travels and adventures of six teenage children, part of an organization called the Di-Gata Defenders. Their mission as heroes is to defend the planet Ra Dos against evil factions. Seth, Melosa, Erik, Kara, Rion and a Sixth Ranger must defeat the evil Lord Nazmul and his Order of Infinis ...


This sounds alot like Snailiens - Supersonic Shell Fighters They were humanoid snails that fought alien ticks. Unfortunately they never had any cartoon, but their commercial had animated elements that might be what you remember.


Back in the 90s Nick used to show an anime style Grimm's Favorite Fairy tales which could have been shown up to the 2000s. This was the opening. Does it look familiar?


Sounds like MP4orce? Heard about it in relation to ReBoot: The Guardian Code, in which teens are beamed into cyberspace to battle hackers and viruses. Ironically, the basis for both shows sounds identical, apart from ReBoot: The Guardian Code featuring 3D CGI, and MP4orce appearing not to (from a brief glance). From the translated Wikipedia page of 2006 ...


For a 90s cartoon, two possibilities come two mind... Conan, the Adventurer, which was based on the popular character. He had a team of 5 companions, but they fought literal "Serpent men" sent by the wizard Wrath Amon.... Their eyes weren't black, but they looked like this: Another possibility is King Arthur and the Knights of Justice. When the evil witch ...


I'm willing to put money on it being this Cartoon, Saber Rider. This was the American adaptation of a Japanese anime series. From the description of the episodes you remember, it couldn't have been Ninja Robots or Robotech. Here's a visual:


This sounds like The Road to El Dorado to me. The soccer match is exactly as you describe with the perpendicular hoops, and I believe there is an armadillo like creature that rolls up into a ball to help them. This detail doesn't exactly match your question, but I think it's close enough, from Wikipedia: Tzekel-Kan notices Miguel received a small cut and ...

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