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She is, as confirmed by Tom Hiddleston, a variant of Loki. Can you talk about working with Sophia Di Martino? Since she’s playing essentially a version of you, is there anything she borrows from your portrayal, and what are the odds that there’s some kind of deeper relationship between you two? Because I feel like it would be pretty interesting if the one ...


The actress playing that character is Sophia Di Martino. In the official credits for Loki S01E02, she's listed as playing "The Variant." Within the episode, the character is repeatedly described as a variant of Hiddleston's Loki: Mobius: Here's the deal. When we get out on the branch, we're not just looking for a Time Criminal. We're looking for ...


Lightray Mister Miracle Granny Goodness Steppenwolf Kalibak Big Barda


In the credits, they're listed as Prince and Princess Pondicherry. I think we can reasonably assume that they do have names, but they're not disclosed in the film (for which she was created) or the source novel which only mentions the prince.


It's all the protagonists (Geralt, Ciri, Yennefer, Dandelion) and other prominent characters from Geralt's party in the series. Plus Lytta Neyd on the cover of the stand-alone book Season of Storms. Without having any trustworthy source for it and just going by their looks and book motifs, then: 1. "Milva" - Maria Barring Defining attributes: the ...


The villain you're referring to is Mindworm. He made his first appearance in Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 #138, which appears to be the issue you described in your question. As you noted, his telepathic control over the hundreds of civilians in the area was broken when Spider-Man boxed his ears, temporarily deafening him.


The villain in question is a Zohtt. Its sole appearance was in Action Comics Vol 1 403 - "Attack of the Micro-Murderer" where it uses its powers to infect Superman's bloodstream. Superman gets a super-transfusion with the blood from hundreds of Metropolites, including Lois Lane.

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