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Why did Harry tell Snape's secret to everyone?

Speculation: He's using it as further evidence that Snape had turned against Voldemort and had been playing him the entire time. He's calling out to Voldemort that not only was his attack on Harry ...
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Why did the Dursleys give Harry glasses?

As someone who was in school during the 1980s in the UK, I'm very pleased to confirm that free eye tests were an annual event. Teachers and parents/guardians were both made aware of potential ...
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Why did Voldemort want Florean Fortescue captured and subsequently killed?

It's a left-over bit from a dropped plot point. The following quote from Rowling I found at the Harry Potter wiki, originally from Pottermore: Florean is a descendant of Dexter, and I originally ...
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Why did Voldemort kill Lily Potter instead of stunning her?

Well we know essentially why, because we see the murder from Voldemort's own eyes. 'Not Harry, not Harry, please not Harry!' 'Stand aside, you silly girl ... stand aside, now ...' 'Not Harry, please ...
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Why was Hermione always late when she used the Time Turner?

The Time-Turner only allows you to travel back by multiples of 60 minutes. The smallest unit of time that you can go back by using the Time-Turner is one hour. The next option after that is two hours....
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Why did Voldemort kill Lily Potter instead of stunning her?

There are a couple of reasons: So he didn't have to deal with her. If he got past her without killing her and then killed her son, her life would be ruined--and she would probably go into the ...
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Why did Gandalf not return to help Frodo and Sam?

"The Ring has passed beyond his help" Although he did what he could indirectly, there was no way Gandalf could directly help Frodo any longer as he himself states: The Ring now has passed ...
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Why did Vizzini want to start a war?

Because Humperdinck hired him to. He mentions it when he and Count Rugen are outside the Pit of despair. The first plan was for Vizzini to kill her near Guilder to spark a war. Plan B is for ...
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Why would Arya reveal her fighting ability?

The most important part of that conversation would be: Brienne: I can go and find the master of arms for you, my lady. Arya: He didn't beat the Hound. You did. My own interpretation was that given ...
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Why did Snape give his loyalty to Dumbledore after Dumbledore failed to carry out his part of the deal?

Because it wasn't Dumbledore's fault, and because he still loved Lily and wanted to do this in her memory. No one was expecting Pettigrew's betrayal. Remember that it was Lily and James who made ...
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How was Spider-Man persuaded to join the side he did?

Because Tony Stark persuaded him. And not just with the promise of a new suit. There are two things that Tony does to convince Peter to come help. The first surrounds Peter's version of "With great ...
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Why did the Starks kill this character by trial, and not by simply having Arya do it in secret?

The official script for the episode has been released and shares some interesting insight into the trial. The main thing being that everyone in the room apparently already knew the trial was for ...
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Why did Nazgûl spare the other hobbits at Weathertop?

The Nazgûl were there to take the Ring. Frodo had the Ring. So they targeted Frodo. Before they could slay (or wraithify, at any rate) Frodo and take the Ring, Aragorn drove them off — but not before ...
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How did Slughorn's information on horcruxes actually help Voldemort?

Ron wondered this too, in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: "This is the one that gives explicit instructions on how to make a Horcrux. Secrets of the Darkest Art - it's a horrible book, really ...
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Why was Snape so concerned with exams if he wanted to join the Death Eaters?

Snape personally valued knowledge. Though Snape may have planned to join the Death Eaters, that does not mean he would therefore not care about his grades because Voldemort and the Death Eaters would ...
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Why did Denethor choose to burn himself to death?

Simply put: He was in despair because of the loss of his kingdom, the loss of his sons, and the (probable) loss of his right to rule. He didn't want to become Sauron's slave He didn't want to serve ...
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Why did Dumbledore take Harry along to the Sea Cave?

Harry himself asked if he could tag along “And if you do,” said Harry quickly, “can I come with you and help get rid of it?” Dumbledore looked at Harry very intently for a moment before ...
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How was Spider-Man persuaded to join the side he did?

First thing first: Spider-man is not taking this fight seriously Please notice how he reacts in the fight: he keeps saying how "cool" are his opponents: [webbing comes down, grabs Cap's shield ...
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Why did Tywin Lannister allow Jaime to join the Kingsguard?

In The World of Ice and Fire: The Untold History of Westeros, it is noted that King Aerys and Tywin were close friends as boys, along with Steffon Baratheon. Being such good friends and a close ...
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Why did Snow laugh at the end of Mockingjay?

This is the best possibility he could have hoped for. He's been soundly defeated, so the death of his enemy is the best 'victory' he's ever going to achieve now. But breaking it down, we can find ...
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Why didn't Sauron attack the Beacons of Gondor?

A clever leader might have tried to intercept the call for aid, yes. However, it is a common theme in the trilogy (and all of Tolkien's works to be honest) that the powers of evil are cunning, but ...
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How did Hermione become the Minister for Magic?

Hermione's post-Hogwarts career is detailed in an interview with JKR. In short, she decided to work at the Ministry in order to further her SPEW campaign. Over time she became known as a powerful and ...
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Why was only one person used as the template for the Clone Army?

As far as specialization, there's a school of military thought that says role specialization is bad, or at least suboptimal, and that interchangeability is good. If your tank driver, your infantryman, ...
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Why didn't Vader execute Piett?

It was probably not Piett's fault, and Vader recognized that. Vader had been in personal command of the imperial forces on Bespin, while Piett remained aboard the Executor, out in orbit. There is no ...
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Why did Bronn offer to be Tyrion Lannister's champion in trial by combat?

Well, why do sellswords do anything? For gold. Since that is a quote, here is Tyrion talking to Bronn as they cross the Vale away from the Eyrie: “Well, why do sellswords do anything? For gold. You ...
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What's so awful in Dobby's words?

The book describes this scene slightly different than the movie, and also contains the explanation (my emphasis): “You can’t have met many decent wizards,” said Harry, trying to cheer him up. Dobby ...
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When Snape did this to Dumbledore, why didn't Fawkes protect him?

As Harry will learn almost a year later when watching Snape's memories in the Pensieve (and we as the readers along with him), Fawkes was present during the discussion of how all of this was supposed ...
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Why wasn't Aragorn more stealthy at Weathertop?

Shortly beforehand, they see the riders on the road below Weathertop: They could all see the black specks, but neither Frodo nor Merry could make out their shapes for certain; yet something told them ...
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