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Was Good Omens' character Crowley used as a template for Supernatural's Crowley?

According to Kripke (and Mark Sheppard, who discussed Neil Gaiman's reaction to his version of Crowley), "Crowley’s name is a reference to the character of the same name in Good Omens." Interestingly, ...
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What character differences between Fred and George are there?

The slight variation in their personality according to J.K. Rowling is, Fred was the ringleader, George the “gentler” twin. Fred is normally the funnier but also the crueler of the two. So they might ...
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Is Kruge's pet in STIII a type of Klingon Jackal?

Unclear, but unlikely (see below) In the ST:III script, Kruge's pet is referred to as a ... ... frightening creature, half timber wolf, half lizard... ...but there's no indication what species it ...
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What are the differences between the Canon character Thrawn and the one in Legends?

In both the older novels and the new Thrawn, Thrawn is introduced to the Empire after a ship looking for smugglers finds the camp on a remote planet where he's been serving out his exile. Thrawn ...
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Is Mister Dark part of/Homage to The Endless?

Yes, it seems that Mr Dark is a homage to Morpheus From the Fables Wiki: While Dark Man's name does not come from any specific story, it is clear that his presence carries out in various panels of ...
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What is the difference between Hela and Mistress Death?

Hela is an Asgardian, same as Thor and Odin. Death, also known as Mistress or Lady Death, is a completely separate entity - a cosmic entity that is the personification of death, come to collect the ...
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Why did the Warlock Lord have the face of Allanon?

I've not seen the show myself, but I found this on Screenrant: In a surprising twist, the Warlock Lord took the human form of Manu Bennett's Allanon, since the ritual was performed using Allanon's ...
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What is Jango Fett's relation to the Death Watch in Disney Canon?

None that's been revealed About all we know about Jango Fett's history in the new canon is that he isn't a Mandalorian; Pablo Hidalgo confirmed as much on Twitter in early 2016: @pablohidalgo: The ...
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Is Kruge's pet in STIII a type of Klingon Jackal?

This is not addressed in canon. Memory Alpha speculates that It is also possible that a Klingon monster dog seen in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock and Jackal mastiffs seen in Star Trek VI: The ...
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Is River Song based on Mara Jade?

No. In Love with the Mark (warning: TvTrope) is a common trope and there is no reason for River Song to have been specifically based off of any previous iteration of that trope.
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Who (if anyone) could canonically tell Fred and George apart?

I'm pretty sure that Harry can tell them apart, as the book is told from his perspective, and he can tell who's talking during their interactions.
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Was Soos inspired by Hurley?

It's unlikely. Alex Hirsch, creator of Gravity Falls, has stated that his inspiration for Soos was a friend of his from college, Jesus Chambrot (pronounced Hey-Zeus, and, went by "Soos" for short). ...
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Did Neil Gaiman base Dream's eyes' appearance on Terry Pratchett's Death?

The eyes are meant to invoke the night sky, as is his cape at times. The night being the time for dreams.
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Comparing the Giants Badmannah and Rhynn

The primordial giant with a fishnet is Loki (who may be a god or a giant or both, depending upon how one counts). In fact, Loki is supposed to have invented nets while he was on the run from the ...
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What are the bosses references to in Violent Storm?

Dabel ??? My daughter suggested that the bag over his head gives him a significant resemblance to Oogie Boogie from The Nightmare Before Christmas. However, that came out in October 1993, apparently ...
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What (if any) is the connection between The Hunger Games and The Maze Runner?

As @DJClayworth said in the comments, these two stories are by different authors so I higlhy doubt they are connected. Both are recovering from an/the apocalypse In The Hunger Games, they ...
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Has Silver John ever been used in other series?

According to the Wikipedia article, there was a movie, The Legend of Hillbilly John and Brian Keene referenced John explicitly in his novel, Dark Hollow. You can find a list of less explicit ...
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Was Good Omens' character Crowley used as a template for Supernatural's Crowley?

The facts are that Kripke has mentioned the huge influence that Good Omen’s had on the creation of supernatural. Spn’s Crowley’s namesake is in fact Crowley from GO. Even Castiel’s character design is ...
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