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Illustrated children's book series with Greek Mythology references

Potentially the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan. From Wikipedia: Set in the mid-2000s, the series follows the story of Perseus "Percy" Jackson, a boy who discovers he is a demigod son ...
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Children's / YA book involving demon summoning and a sorcerer's apprentice

This might be School of Wizardy, first book in Debra Doyle's Circle of Magic books. Randal leaves his training as a page to apprentice as a wizard. He has the usual trials of a protagonist at a ...
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Kids book where boy and girl find laptop from space

Probably the Outernet series as per A book (mid 2000s) about a kid getting an old laptop that connects him to aliens, the alien government (I think) coming after him? On Jack Armstrong's birthday, he ...
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Looking for a children's book I remember from the late 70's/early 80's

An outside possibility - "Stowaways to Venus" (1956) by William Hammond. This was one of the illustrated stories in the 1956 "I Spy Annual". A boy and his sister stow away in a ...
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