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The Gilead Bomb by David Sinclair — Names of Alien Species

The enemy alien was the Rim (or possibly the Rimm; my copy of the book is at home). Ace Astro's dog, who he'd named Sirius, was actually a Narn.
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Children’s story about siblings who travel to an alternate universe where time runs slower

Is this Marco's Millions (2001) by William Sleator...? It's a prequel to The Boxes (1998). According to the Wikipedia page, a boy named Marco and his sister, Lilly, discover a portal to another ...
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Book about a warlock who fears fire

I’m a few years late because I was just searching for the answer to this and stumbled across your post. I spent several hours looking and finally found it! It’s called The Eye of the Warlock (2005) by ...
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Boy who is also a prankster gets body swapped with his school principal

This is Head Kid by David Baddiel. It was published in 2018, so within your timeframe. The boy is a prankster, the old head teacher retires, and he body swaps with the new one. From Goodreads: ...
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Book about siblings in a magical world?

I believe this is A Charmed Life by Diana Wynne Jones. The hero, Eric (or Cat) is a an enchanter who possesses nine lives (like a cat). He does not know it. His sister Gwendolyn is a witch. Cat ...
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