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What is the evolution of the Avengers' logo and title throughout the years?

Here are all the Avengers logos I could find. 1963-1972 1969 (Issues #62-#29) 1972-1982 Here we see the arrow in the A for the first time as well as the typical font we are used to seeing today. ...
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DC comic featuring an entire planet terraformed by blind people so it looks like Superman's head

Is this the story, "Superman Under the Green Sun!," published in_Superman Vol. 1 #155_...? From the DC Database page for the issue: Superman arrives on a distant planet when he spots a ...
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90s(?) comic book about a girl who could shapeshift into different animals

Lys, a French-Italian comic published between 2006 and 2008. Summary from PlaneteBD, most of the translation from DeepL: In the year 2050, the megalopolis called Côtenord, which includes Paris and ...
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