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Huntress calls Batman Bruce in Injustice: Gods Among Us Vol. 1 Issue 25 when surrounded by other members of the Insurgency without knowing that others around the table don't know this. Click images to enlarge. Only a few panels later this forced Bruce's hand to take off his cowl and reveal to everyone at the table who he is. Click images to enlarge. ...


Batman OR Superman? How about Batman AND Superman blundering into a secret identity revelation! Superman #76 (1952) has the never-revealed tale of how Superman and Batman became the world's finest team. The following two pages explain how the two inadvertent roommates completely stumble on to each other's staggering secrets: The hardest suspension of ...


Way back in Adventure 290 (11-61) Ma Kent lets it slip when a juvenile delinquent named Tom Tanner is impersonating Clark for reasons of his own. Superboy let the impersonation go because his robots were down and he expected to be home first.


In Superboy Vol 4 #61, Superman's secret identity was revealed to the post-Crisis Superboy, Kon-El/Connor Kent, when the Jonathan Kent of an alternate reality addressed the Superboy of that world as "Clark" right in front of him. Since Kon-El looked physically identical to the Superboy of his world (aside from having a different haircut), Jonathan ...


I'll throw an answer out here, just to see if anybody comes up with an earlier one. In Justice League of America Volume 1, Issue 12 June 62, Dr Light sends the JLA to a variety of "sidereal" worlds calculated to bring about their demise. GA gets sent to one where the entire planet is a magnet for wood so he can't even lift is bow and arrows.


I believe the scene you've described is from the story "Four Birds of a Feather", originally published in Batman Vol 1 #11 (1942). Robin is captured by the Penguin, and Batman is shot by one of his goons while attempting to ascertain Robin's location. He subsequently rescues Robin, but the Penguin gets away, and Batman succumbs to the gunshot wound....


I think they are pure symbiote, just in the form of a dragon, like the Ghost Rider comic says. In several other comics, in this "King in Black" arc we see dragons completely bisected, and otherwise exploded like they are made of symbiote goop. We see many times a symbiote pulled aways from people, but (with the possible exception of the Miles ...


This is Uncanny X-Men Vol.1 #544 "The Trial of Colossus!" Shooting gallery Storm is cut "to the bone" Luke Cage turns up and beats up some punk


Iron Man v1 #152 (1982) The first appearance of the "Stealth Armor" (Iron Man Model 7 or Stealth Armor Mark 1)


The line can be taken either literally or metaphorically, but I believe it was meant to be this way. The line is a literal reference to the Death "Star." "The strongest stars have hearts of kyber" - i.e., the Death Star is a powerful force that they must beware, and it is powered by kyber crystals. The line is a metaphorical reference ...

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