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A comic about a duck who learns to fight with a feather without realizing he's made of feathers

This is Dungeon (Donjon), a French comic. The series is a parody of sword and sorcery conventions in general, and specifically of the role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons. All of the characters ...
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Can those without a physical body wield a Lantern Corps ring?

There are several example of bodiless entities wielding Lantern Rings of various colours. Dkrtzy Rrr is a sentient mathematical formula. Flodo Span is a sentient gaseous cloud. GPaak is a sentient ...
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Comic about a young girl who gains superpowers from her scientist father

With some help from the middle school librarians, I've found it! The comic/manga is eV by James Farr, here is a plot description from Amazon: Twenty minutes from now, visitors from a far-off world ...
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Has Mr. Zero ever been hit with his own ice-gun?

Although it isn't Mr. Freeze himself, in Batman: The Animated Series, in the episode Deep Freeze, Grant Walker asked to be inflicted by the same stuff Dr. Victor Fries himself endured which turned him ...
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Comic or manga that involves princess things

This is Princess Wars. War for a second chance at life! Han Moli died as she lived: working. When her soul then enters the world of the "Princess Game," she's pitted against other players ...
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What's the title of this Disney comic about an emerald iceberg?

There is a two-part story titled "Indiana Pipps e l'iceberg di smeraldo" (story by Caterina Mognato, drawing by Giuseppe Dalla Santa) published on the Italian Mickey Mouse weekly comic in ...
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Comic about two brothers where one of them sometimes changes into a wolf

I believe I've managed to find it, it's called 'Yvain et Yvon' in French, and 'Isegrims Abenteuer' in German (not sure about the Dutch title), and was written by Patrick Cadot. It was published in ...
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Identify comic book about a girl who sprouts shadowy, thorny vines from her body and takes revenge on criminals

So this comic book turned out to be Tomboy, published by Action Lab Comics between 2015 and 2017. I came across a reference to it completely by accident while reading Reddit. I had thought it must ...
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Comic book series - three protagonists are a young boy, a young girl, and a young wizard

Pretty sure that's Thieves & Kings official site From wikipedia Rubel (pronounced "rue-bell") Thieves & Kings' protagonist, Rubel is a combination of hero and everyman. The story ...
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Has Bruce Banner ever partially transformed into the Hulk?

Technically this is David Bruce Banner from the TV series. "The Half-Transformed Hulk or Demi-Hulk is a character state in the two-part episode ...
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Comic book where giant alien creature is explored underground

Robin posted some pictures of a comic book they read with a similar premise, which was identified here as being Image Comics's Unearth. When a flesh-warping disease ravages a remote village in Mexico,...
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What is this comic book involving people exploring a cave which turns out to be a creature, which is transforming the explorers?

This is Unearth, an Image Comics production When a flesh-warping disease ravages a remote village in Mexico, a scientific task force travels to the inhospitable area to investigate the contamination. ...
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Title of a comic read in late 80s featuring an ant-like insect alien race with wasp-like spaceships

Is it the comic Yoko Tsuno, The Titans?
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