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well webbing comes out of venom's white place above his wrists because there isn't really a spot that shoots out webbing out of the wrists on the venom suit its like the webbing is coming out of nowhere also if you watch/watched spider man 3 (Tobey Maguire) you can see while venom is attacking spider man he shoots it above his wrists although i cant see the ...


Technically Wally west’s speed is infinite, like all other speedsters it depends on their ability to draw energy from the speed force. Wally West has done many amazing things, on numerous occasions been seen to outrun death itself, he has run faster than the universe can expand (he basically ran into the void, before anything else could could generate), ...


It is in a comic "The Queen of Darkness". @Alith: Curiously enough, interferon is Dr. Zarkov's preferred treatment here as well.


I think you've hit the nail on the head. Scrooge is a lone prospector who's just gotten very lucky with the help of an obscure legal ruling and a lot of support from a wealthy patron who happens to have taken a shine to him as he passes through. His claim on the mine is based on his ownership of the homestead on which the copper vein ends, which in turn ...


Are you sure it was a comic? What you describe sounds almost exactly like the animated short film The Reward, which was released online in 2013.


For novels and other non TV or movie materials that give information about the Enterprise-C, see (not sure if the page is complete though)


The earliest example I know of was the Flash (Barry Allen) wielding Hal Jordan's ring in Green Lantern Vol 2 #20, published in April 1963. He didn't make heavy use of it, but he did perform a few ring-based feats, like projecting a hand construct in one of the pages below, and shrinking himself in a later one.


It was "Steve contre Dr. Yes" by Jacques Devos. Danish version description here:


Could be Cinder from DC Comics' Titans: Villains For Hire (2011). From Comic Book Resources: The basics for Cinder is that she was an Italian woman from a well-to-do family that was molested by her uncle. So she then hunts down sex offenders and kill them. When we first meet her, she's killing a sex offender by burning him alive (her power is to turn into ...


The comic you seek is probably Shock Suspenstories, issue 7 (1992) with a version by Evans of Ray Bradbury's short 1946 story "The Small Assassin". All of the elements you quote are in the story (the mother believing the baby is murdering her, the baby hating the parents for kicking him out of a warm, comfortable womb, the mom dying first, and the ...


This appears to be Web of Spider-Man issue #28, from 1985:


Attaching a photo of an ad at the end of Transmet: I hate it here (2000), p-49


As a fan and a collector of the Hard Haid Moe Brazilian comic (he was kind of "adopted" by our studio, probably because of his constant interactions with Fethry, another favourite of us), I would like to complement the first answer and say that not only Firmina, but almost all the characters at the "Moeniverse" are human beings. Also, in ...


The first reference I can find is from Deadpool: Sins of the Past Vol 1 Issue 1 that was released August 1994. Incidentally this is also the reference to the nickname from the Fandom page for Wade. The name appears as a caption not said by a character as far as I can tell.


You may be thinking of Joss Whedon's Fray, a sequel to Buffy: the Vampire Slayer Centuries have passed since the last Slayer was called. Demons were banished from the Earth at some point in the 21st century by an unnamed Slayer and her friends, and the Watchers' Council has decayed into a group of crazed fanatics. The vampires (dubbed lurks) have now ...

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