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The lawsuit is real and a matter of public record. Kirkman did what other artists and creators have done when they first tasted success. Tony got a lousy deal.


As noted in a comment by Martin May (but never followed up on), this is the comic story "Good Lord!" with script by Marv Wolfman and art by Dave Cockrum. The story is an homage to earlier pulp-style science fiction and adventure stories. It was first published in Marvel Preview no. 1 (1975) and reprinted in no. 20 (in 1980) On the last two pages of the ...


Harley Quinn had vols under rebirth 2014 and 2016 i believe a 2014 #26 is the 1st appearance of redtool not to be mistaken with a 2016 #26


I do not recall encountering an references to radiation from a meteor being responsible for Goofy's Super Goobers. However, in Super Goof issue seven, Gyro Gearloose demonstrates that he can create new Super Goobers using just his "atomic greenhouse," so nuclear radiation does appear to be the culprit. (Goofy does not provide Gyro with a Super Goober to ...


"Superman Adventures" Superman Adventures is a DC Comics comic book series featuring Superman. It is different from other Superman titles because it is set in the continuity (and style) of "Superman: The Animated Series" as opposed to the regular DC Universe.


It seems most likely that Timely Comics was sincere in wanting to promote patriotism and anti-fascism among American youth. There are several things that point this this. There is the known attitude of the individuals involved. Jack Kirby, who would have had to draw the advertisements, was a fervent anti-Nazi even before American involvement in the war, ...


presumably you are avenging something (or someone) right? Yeah, and that's exactly why at the beginning the group has been named Avengers. Not Prevengers. Not Defenders. Not Guardians. Not The Deterrers, too (those are actually called The Annihilators, by the way). They are called Avengers because the exact purpose of the group is to avenge. And avenge ...


Found it, after going to national library and physically searching through front pages of around 200 issues of the magazine I read it in. As in, microfilm machine, not digital scans. I mean, bloody hell. This is 21st century. The original name of the comic is Le guerrier de l'Arc-en-ciel. ISBN 2-8039-0042-4 which translates to "The Rainbow Warrior". ...


As always it is hard to prove a negative but I can find no reference to Steve liking soccer in any comic. In fact the only reference I can find to Steve and soccer is from the Marvel Avengers Academy freemium mobile game in Earth-TRN562 where apparently: Steve wanted to organize soccer and football teams for the school. Marvel Database, Steven Rogers ...

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