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Aside from the needs of survival, spent his time studying the Force he did. From Wookieepedia: Using an E3-standard starship lifeboat, Yoda returned to Dagobah to begin his own exile. The lifeboat started to serve as Yoda's initial shelter, however, started to degrade within a year due to Dagobah's swampy environment. As the first shelter was slowly ...


According to the new Star Wars: Absolutely Everything you Need to Know, Dagobah is ideal because it's Shrouded in clouds, thick with fog and far from the civilised galaxy, making it the perfect refuge for a Jedi Master in hiding It also mentions the planet's extremely high levels of life (allowing for a greater connection to the Force while he ...


Dagobah was on the outer rim, far away from anywhere important or from anything of influence. The tree/cave there had a strong dark side of the force presence which would have masked his ability with the force from Vader and the empire.

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