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In The Rebels animated series, we see It is possible that one of the scars could be caused by this hit. However, the accepted answer seems to be solid enough.


PART ONE OF TWO: FEAR OF VADER VS FEAR OF THE EMPEROR To reasonably brave warriors like imperial officers, the Emperor might possibly be a lot more frightening than Darth Vader. It seems to me that if the Emperor wants to punish someone, it doesn't matter if the first person the Emperor sends for the job is force-using Darth Vader, or a high ranking ...


While Star Wars revolves around The Force and its users, not everything is about the Force and its users. If my department is having problems with schedule and word is spread that we are going to be visited by the CEO, my managers are going to get very nervous, despite the fact our CEO isn't a Force user, nor a Sith. If the commander of a Nazi installation ...


In the current canon, many of the Imperial Senior officers have confusion where Vader fits into the hierarchy. After many blunders that occur due to them not recognizing him, and to a few assassination attempts, the Emperor had to address the officer corp to tell them where he fits in, saying that Vader is the Emperor's Voice, and a command from Vader is a ...

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