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Is Supergirl younger than Superman or older?

How things happened in the universe of Earth-1: The baby Kal-El's spacecraft was launched from Krypton towards Earth mere minutes before the planet was destroyed. At the time of Krypton's destruction, ...
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What Superbaby adventures are there?

1950-06 SUPERBOY #8 "When Superboy Was a SuperBABY" 1951-12 SUPERMAN #73 "The Mighty Mite!" 1953-07 SUPERBOY #26 "The Super-Tot From Smallville" 1956-...
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How and/or why did the original comic book Jor-El choose Earth as the target for his son's rocket?

Nothing in the original comic book suggests Superman's father intended anything of the sort. Superman's first appearance is in Action Comics #1 (PDF link) in June, 1938. The very first panel says: As ...
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