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Has the Batman as an inmate of Arkham fan theory ever been produced in any media?

There was a two-part story Mask in Legends Of The Dark Knight issues 39-40 (Nov/ Dec 1992). One of my all time favourite Batman stories. Alcoholic vagrant Bruce Wayne wakes up in Gotham hospital. He'...
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What is the Joker's real name?

The Joker's name has been officially* confirmed as "Jack Oswald White" in the comic Flashpoint Beyond #5 * Note that future comics will almost certainly retcon, ignore or outright ...
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What does "dry" mean?

It could mean one of several things: "Wet work" refers to assassinations etc. - this could mean they haven't killed anyone yet. It could be literal - they're fully out of the water. It ...
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What does "they" in "they don't" refer to?

"They" refers to the other occupants of the car. Captain Boomerang: We're in a butcher's freezer, Harls, surrounded by dead hogs hangin' on hooks. Only they don't know it yet. could just ...
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Who is this character associated with the Bat-family?

That would be Jean-Paul Valley aka Azrael. However, from a bit more of a look around (and I may be wrong here) I think the image you've found isn't from a comic but fandom art. The trail I followed ...
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What's up with non-superpowered leaders of a superpowered team?

Quite simply, from an in-universe perspective, the qualities that make for a good leader do not have any particular reason to be correlated with the presence of unusual abilities. Further, if most of ...
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How are the Green Lantern Corps Sectors arranged?

Thaddeus Howze's answer is 95% correct, except on his estimate of the length of a sector. The sectors extend out several millions of light years. Kyle and Hal have both been to the andromeda galaxy to ...

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