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Death Vigil is a fantasy comic series created in 2014 by the Croatian comic artist Stjepan Sejic, and published by Image Comics/Top Cow.

Death Vigil poster

The series features the Vigil - an order of immortal warriors guarding the world from things that lie beyond the Veil - ancient forces that are against humanity.

The series starts with Clara, an unsuspecting girl, being sacrificed by her boyfriend, a necromancer, to summon a Primordial - a particularly powerful ancient horror.

The summoning is cut short by Sam, a member of the Vigil. However, Clara's situation is sever, and the only way to save her life (metaphorically, as she is already dead) is to make her a part of the Vigil.

The series was interrupted by the author after only 1 volume due to low sales ratings. However, it has now been announced that the series will be given another chance, with the second volume of Death Vigil.

Full issues are available in PDF format on author's DeviantArt account, as part of his initial struggle to keep the series alive.

Stjepan Sejic has also announced that he will do a 4-issue prequel series Death Vigil: Lost Childhood about Mia and James' past, in Autumn 2017.

Death Vigil: Lost Childhood poster