The creature in Deep Rising is a giant mutant octopus. If you watch the scene in the gallery, Treat Williams actually tells a story about putting a fish in a jar then closing the lid, giving it to an octopus which was able to open the jar and climb in and consume the fish. To which Famke Janssen replies "we're the fish".


Borrowed from Yahoo Answers (3 years ago - looks like it's since been removed from Wikipedia): Courtesy of Wikipedia: It is revealed that the ship has become infested by creatures that resemble giant worms, which swallow and digest their prey alive. Canton speculates that they are members of the Ottoia family of deep-sea worms which have evolved to ...


I'm curious as well, but I found one possible source for the creatures design.


Well finally found some dialogues of the movie -- Canton: [Captain Atherton has just been eaten by one of the monsters] I'm beginning to fear that our friends here may be some kind of strange off-shoot of the Archaea Ottoia family. Pantucci: The Ottoia family? To think I was startin' to worry. Canton: These creatures are actually part of a ...


It seems to be something invented entirely for the film, albeit inspired by bobbit worms and the works of H.P. Lovecraft. The "Ottoia" references Canton pulls out of thin air are a red herring, and it can't be an actual cephalopod because they don't have mouths in their tentacles, don't drain their prey's fluids, have pupils in their eyes, and have beaks ...


I think it was modelled off a bobbit worm "eunice aphroditois". The attack style and speed etc are very similar and they reckon they can grow to 3M long


There seem to be at least two creatures; Joey is chased off the boat at the same time Finnigan is fighting the big one in the banquet hall. Also of note is that the tentacle that eats Hanover seems to taper down toward the rear as if it were a worm. My best speculation is that the large adults spawn by parthenogenesis, growing smaller clones as tentacles ...

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