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Daniel Collins, I fondly remember that illustrated Scholastic Star Wars book of the movie. The Yavin hangar scene was included in a rough cut reportedly shown to Stephen Spielberg and Brian De Palma by George Lucas during post production. This version had certain issues with pacing of narrative structure, among other things. Marcia Lucas won an Oscar (best ...


There was a Star Wars Storybook that was published in the late 1970s or early 1980s, and it showed a photo of Biggs and Luke meeting on Tatooine, along with a summary of that scene. Thanks to that book, for the longest time I thought that scene had been included in the theatrical run, but got cut whenever the movie was shown on TV. It wasn't until the late ...


I'm familiar with that scene from having watched this YouTube video, about how the movie was saved in the edit. (Link queued to the part I believe you've mentioned)


In addition to prior answers, another place one might have seen this (and perhaps the earliest) is in Marvel Comics Star Wars #1 (July 1977), with art by Howard Chaykin. Clearly this was based on an early cut of the movie including that scene. I similarly had this moment in my head for many years, thinking it was in the movie, before ever seeing the actual ...


There was an interactive DVD-ROM released on PC in 1998 called Star Wars - Behind the Magic that this, and a few of other deleted scenes, appeared on. If you ever owned that, it's possible that this is where you saw it.


The scenes with Biggs, Cammie and Luke's other friends were included on (among others) the (2011) Complete Bluray edition, which is where you're most likely to have seen it since it was never included in a release version. There is, however, the possibility that you saw it on one of the various bootlegged "despecialised" ...

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