Dirk Gently is an 'holistic detective' who uses questionable methods to investigate the strange cases that he wanders into. He appears in a series of books, radio plays and television programmes created by Douglas Adams.

Dirk Gently is an alias of Svlad Cjelli, a fictional 'Holistic' detective created by Douglas Adams:

The term `holistic' refers to my conviction that what we are concerned with here is the fundamental interconnectedness of all things. I do not concern myself with such petty things as fingerprint powder, telltale pieces of pocket fluff and inane footprints. I see the solution to each problem as being detectable in the pattern and web of the whole. The connections between causes and effects are often much more subtle and complex than we with our rough and ready understanding of the physical world might naturally suppose.

Dirk Gently defining 'holistic detective' in Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency

He appears in:

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