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In "The angels take Manhattan" it's suggested, that the angels took over the other New York statues. So it seems they procreate by assimilating other statues. But how that works, is not said.


The doctor specifically says to the Police officer: Normally, I'd offer you a lift home, but somebody nicked my [time machine]. This basically implies he would usually save people from angels but couldn't as he didn't have the TARDIS and he would cause a paradox if he tried to change it after he got it back. I think he could only rely on the people sent ...


That's a pretty solid no. Aside from there being no indication whatsoever to the positive and no sign that the period blond Jenny was left in had time travel available Victorian Jenny was rendered clinically dead for a while in "The Name of the Doctor" before being resuscitated by Strax's knockoff medical tricorder, unless she somehow found and ...


The clip (2 minutes 51 seconds) is Song of Freedom, credited to Murray Gold. It's documented in the notes on that episode, and the purchase-able copy was available


The official soundtrack album identifies it as the "Song of Freedom". You can hear an extended version below. It might interest you to learn that the song contains lyrics in chanted latin; Cum tacent clament Cum tacent clament. Serva ne Servan tuter Sevan servan tuter Dum inter homines sumus colamus humanitatem Cum ...


Alex Kingston was told of her relationship to Amy and Rory just before the filming of season six but she didn't realise she was Melody Pond until she read the actual episode script. Karen Gillan only found out along with the rest of the cast the other cast upon reading of the mid-season cliffhanger script for "A Good Man Goes To War" Q: What was ...


Although the era of this episode isn't clear based on your question, my guess is that you are referring to "The Next Doctor", one of the later Christmas specials from the Tenth Doctor run. The character that you are referring to, who thinks he is the Doctor, is


Presuming that this was a Christmas special, set in a Charles Dickens 1880-ish setting, it was probably "The Next Doctor" -- in which a human had gotten infused with The Doctor's memories, so thought he was The Doctor, and was fighting an alien invasion that culminated in a steam-powered walking robot a hundred or so feet tall.

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