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Is this an easter egg to Sherlock in Thor Ragnarok?

Actually no 177A Bleecker Street is the address of Doctor Strange in the comics, so it is just a funny coincidence. This article by explains it neatly: The first time that Doctor Strange’...
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What does this entry on the Rocinante's pilot quick-menu mean?

It's a reference to something in episode 1.07 "Windmills". From Bonus View: Suspecting that Fred Johnson may have placed a secret transmitter on board the ship to keep tabs on them, Amos ...
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Where is the Prometheus Engineer head in Star Wars Andor?

This article from states that that the head is in carbonite. Carbonite Blocks: Looks like Darth Vader wasn’t the first to do the carbonite thing. There are several carbonite blocks in ...
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What was the first officially confirmed Easter Egg to occur in an MCU movie?

The first film in the MCU, Iron Man, has several Easter Eggs in it, such as Roxxon Corp, The Ten Rings and Rhodey's ringtone being the theme song for the 1966 Iron Man cartoon. These are all obviously ...
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Is "Wobani" an intentional anagram of "Obi-wan"?

Pablo Hidalgo sort-of confirmed this. I recently asked Pablo hidalgo (twice) on twitter about this, and got a response: I hadn't noticed until someone pointed it out; I don't know. All I see is a ...
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Is this an easter egg to Sherlock in Thor Ragnarok?

No. 177A Bleeker Street has been the address of the Sanctum Sanctorum since the 60s, long before Benedict Cumberbatch played either Sherlock Holmes or Dr. Strange.
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Are there any other Star Wars references in Firefly?

This appears to be all the intentional references. For the sake of completion here are all four known references. Serenity was inspired by the Millenium Falcon This is not strictly an in-show ...
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Is there an "Arrested Development" reference in "Endgame"?

No. Based on the amazing research efforts of the commenters on the question, I would say it's at least a semi-conclusive no. [Credit to Mark Reed for pointing out; we don't need to sit here waiting ...
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Abrams' Star Trek shout out to Voyage Home?

On the TV Tropes page on the Star Trek 2009 film, filed under Continuity Nod about halfway down. Be warned though, TvTropes is very addictive. For the record, when Scotty gave that guy transparent ...
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Why do the Guardians of the Galaxy have Captain America's shield?

It must be a reference to Vance Astro. From the Wikipedia article: Vance Astro first appeared as a founding member of the Guardians of the Galaxy. According to Roy Thomas, all of the Guardians of ...
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In what century does the episode “Calypso” of Short Treks take place?

The actual line from Zora is this Craft: How long you been out here alone, waiting for the crew to return from wherever they went? Zora: Almost a thousand years. The only context we have for when ...
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What are the corresponding easter eggs for John Williams' 52 Oscar Nominations?

This is an incomplete answer but nonethless I will update as I will find more The air canisters as seen in Jaws The iconic hook from Hook Star Wars style dog tags from Saving Private Ryan A small ...
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Why do the Guardians of the Galaxy have Captain America's shield?

The details of the reference are later on in the same wiki page. During his run on the book, Jim Valentino wrote a "Quest for the Shield" story where Astro and the (original/from the future) Guardians ...
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Why do the Guardians of the Galaxy have Captain America's shield?

Neither of the existing answers really deals with how some guy from the 31st century having found Captain America's shield results in it being in the Guardians' ship in the 21st century. During the ...
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