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story about mind wipes, Nova starfighters, and humanities last pocket of existence?

The book you are looking for is the first book in a series called dark space by Jasper t Scott Dark Space Just finished reading it about a month ago, too good a match for it to be anything else it ...
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Superpowers story focused on a mechanic who acquires a powersuit, and gets hired by local crime lord to produce more

Is this Supervillainy and Other Poor Career Choices (2019) by SoggyRedToast...? From Goodreads: Engineer. Survivor. Supervillain. When a down on his luck engineer ends up coming into possession of a ...
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LitRPG story with a troubled youth put into a VR simulation where he is a goblin or kobold paladin

Feral by Nole Moody. When Dr Jane Kittle of the Pulchritude Health Corporation immerses her patient in a virtual reality role playing game, he accidentally takes on the persona of Rush, a goblin with ...
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Where can I find this fake seventh Harry Potter book? This is the story that I had read when I was trying to pirate a "leaked" version of the book. I ended up pasting it into a MySpace ...
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Ebook (Kindle?) involving a teenager railroaded into becoming a superhero versus aliens

Found it. Trainee Superhero by C.H. Aalberry Training to be a superhero is so dangerous that I'm more likely to graduate to a coffin than a cape! But I don't care, because being a superhero is all I'...
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