Ents are fictional tree-like beings in Tolkien's Legendarium. Sentient and capable of speech, they are an ancient race of tree shepherds. This tag should be used, together with the [tolkiens-legendarium] tag, when asking questions about Ents specifically.

Ents were sentient tree-like beings found in Tolkien's Legendarium. They were created to protect trees and were given sentience by Ilúvatar and the plea of Yavana, specifically to protect trees form Aule's Dwarves. The males were loyal to Oromë, whereas the Entwives (lost by the time of the third age) were devoted to Yavanna. Taught to speak by the Eldar, the Ents developed their own language (Entish) which is a slow language taking long to speak and converse in.

With the disappearance of the Entwives. The hope of Entings began to wain from the surviving Ents, with many becoming more "tree-like" and less sentient.

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