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You must have remembered this moment from the Seventh Doctor story "Battlefield". I don't know what lines of dialogue precede it but the Seventh Doctor at least talked about how linear beings like humans couldn't understand how he, a Time Lord, thinks. At the ending of "Dragonfire", for instance, or during the famous café scene in "Remembrance of the Daleks"....


I can’t watch the video, but the episode your colleague is talking about is from Bernard’s Watch: When he sees the ball flying towards the boundary, well out of his reach, Bernard decides to pause time and get himself into the perfect position to catch it. Again, nobody seems to notice that he’s just moved instantaneously from one position on the pitch to ...


This sounds like it could be Bernard's Watch, however, it originally ran from 1997 - 2001 so your time frame might be out. I found this with the Google query tv show where a kid could freeze time -"out of this world" and then searching for bernard's watch cricket which brought up the YouTube clip.


I suspect the Star Trek writers saw some of the very earliest mentions of ion propulsion in the technical news of the day. The first real working ion drive was 1959 at NASA Glenn with the first orbital test in 1970. Maybe they saw the early research and just put it into Star Trek because it sounded technical and cool. Menagerie and Spock's Brain were 1966 ...

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