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Is Asuka Langley-Soryu disgusted by Shinji?

This was addressed in an interview with the film's original (Japanese) voice actor Miyamura Yuuko and the film's producer Ootsuki Toshimichi. She is indeed disgusted by Shinji's actions. The line ...
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What's this tree in the opening of Neon Genesis Evangelion?

That is the Kabbalah Tree of Life, a symbol used over time through a variety of cultures, and represents an attempt to understand and unify the connections between various concepts of life and the ...
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How was SEELE able to find the last angel (Kaworu)?

They had him since the begginning. Kaworu body was created as result of the Contact Experiment with Adam, from the fusion of the DNA of an unknown donor and the flesh of the Angel. SELEE then salvaged ...
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What is the name of the ending song in the 2019 Netflix release of "Neon Genesis Evangelion"?

Apparently "Fly Me to the Moon" couldn't be kept for licensing issues (in the US), and they replaced it with a character's theme, if this article is to be believed. That's not everywhere, ...
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Is the "time loop" in Evangelion canon, and if so, what causes it?

There is a very detailed entry relating to all the various forms of Evangelion on the SF-Encyclopedia.com website, which while not exactly offering the canon confirmation you are seeking for your ...
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Evangelion Thrice Upon a Time do people still remember what happened? Is the world rebuilt upon the old ruins?

From what I have been able to piece together from this series, is that it is highly convoluted. [Spoiler Warning: I have not edited in spoiler captions, because that would basically make this entire ...
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What benefits do Evangelions possess over normal "conventional" mechs?

I can think of a couple of advantages, both of which are shown in this clip Regeneration - Unit 1 regenerates its arm despite being completely severed Internal power ...
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