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Book or story where humans are genetically engineered to act as AI?

This matches many parts of Too Like the Lightning by Ada Palmer, first book of the Terra Ignota series. First book published in 2016. One faction (the Gordians) has a method of psychological (not ...
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Sci-fi novel where gene editing becomes a cottage industry

I think that this is The Changeling Plague, a novel from 2003 by Syne Mitchell. As in the question, gene editing has become rampant, and a virulent plague is released when a wealthy businessman seeks ...
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Old scifi book: detective, alien conspiracy, change appearance machine, huge brain in space ship, alien communicates by flashing lights from stomach

Sight of Proteus., and review. By Charles Sheffield. A three novel series. Part two is Proteus Unbound, part three is Proteus in the Underworld. The book series involves a minor amount of space travel ...
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Far future SF novel with humans living in genetically engineered habitats in space

The Helix and the Sword by John C. McLoughlin (1983) Humans live in space in organic space habitats. Gravity is seen as evil, so planets and moons are shunned. The humans have access to lots of energy ...
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Distant aliens receive signal with instructions on how to construct humans, long after Earth is extinct

This certainly sounds like The Genesis Quest by Donald Moffitt. Though, I believe you have blended the story line from the second book (Second Genesis) into your description. In the first book, the ...
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Help Finding a Cool SciFi Story I Read As a High Schooler

Sounds like the short story "The Plague Star" in Tuf Voyaging, by George R R Martin. From the Wikipedia article: The novel [sic; I'd call it a collection of short stories myself] concerns the (mis)...
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Book about genetic engineering to defeat disease that turns children into hermaphrodites

This is The Breeds of Man by F. M. Busby. The genetic treatment was an attempt at a cure for AIDS but it went wrong and created a new race of humans informally referred to as the Mark Twos. The Mark ...
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Short story about the drawbacks of human telepathy on an alien planet

This is Cobwebs, by Ray Brown. It was in the August 1987 Analog. I seem to recall a conversation between the main character and one of the aliens, explaining that the human telepaths are refugees from ...
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What's the name of that comic team with genetically engineered government agents?

The series was called Hunter-Killer. Written by Mark Waid, with the first several issues drawn by Marc Silvestri. It began coming out as a Top Cow production (released through Image Comics) in 2005. ...
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Why did the Daleks use pigs to make pig-slaves?

IANAMS, but I have worked with the odd Mad Scientist or two. Pigs are more medically compatible with humans than you'd think: Pigs share a number of surprising comparable traits with humans. For ...
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Web story about aliens who twist humans into various sub-humans

I am pretty sure that you are thinking of "All Tomorrows" by Nemo Ramjet. Beginning in the near future, All Tomorrows chronicles the imagined entire future history of humanity over the ...
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Short story - engineered human terraforming civilized planet

Walter Jon Willams, "Dinosaurs", 1987 Millions of years in the future, humanity has evolved and engineered itself along specialized branches. One such human, a diplomat named Drill, travels ...
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SF short story where animals are genetically engineered to have hands and hunt hunters with guns

At a rough guess, and I don't have the story in front of me, but I think it may be the short story "Animal Lover" from "Daughter of Regals" by Stephen R Donaldson. In the story: ....
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Looking for a science fiction omnibus where one of the stories had mock combat games for political purposes

You should look for When the People Fell and We the Underpeople, both published by Baen Books around 2007. This is the complete Cordwainer Smith corpus, and will contain both stories that you've ...
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Gene-modified man has a 2-week period heightened reflexes and constant wakefulness

Not Bram, but (Brion) Brandd. What you describe is most certainly Harry Harrison's Planet of the Damned (etext available from Project Gutenberg). While your description misses completely the main plot ...
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Late 80s or early 90s book includes genetically engineered executioner with gills

This is a long shot, but could the book be The Marked Man by Charles Ingrid (aka Rhondi A. Vilott Salsitz). It's set in a world where technology used for genetic engineering has gone wrong and caused ...
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What evidence supports the idea that Voldemort (or others) could use magic to develop witches/wizards with genetically engineered/enhanced abilities?

Not much Magical abilities appear to be genetically inherited Well, they are certainly inherited. Rowling has called it a "gene," but given that she is not a scientist (or mathematician), she may be ...
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Short story with Genetically Modified pegasus made to order

After googling just a little bit harder, I managed to find it. The story in question is The Triumph of Pegasus by Frank A. Javor from the anthology 'Mythical Beasts: Isaac Asimov's Magical Worlds of ...
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Book series about human bioengineering with alien animal DNA

Found it - for anyone else interested: Stephen W. Bennett - Koban series Quantum gravity theory revealed hidden dimensions that concealed gravity’s strong link to Tachyon Space. Nearly unlimited ...
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1980s movie involving a genetically engineered human with a second set of ribs

Ok, lets get back Anit's answer: It seems to be Humanoid defender aka J.O.E. and the Colonel (youtube link) Scientists create "the perfect soldier" in a lab experiment by recombining his ...
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Book with lasers on pyramids for electricity generation, sun flare ending the civilization, genetic engineering of pets and rebirth of civilization

I've never read it, but having seen one of these answers previously, it reminded me of Siva! by by Leigh & Walt Richmond. Previous title was The Lost Millenium. The Great Pyramid of Cheops: ...
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90s biopunk novel about near future genetic engineering

This is The Deus Machine (1993) by Pierre Ouellette. This review mentions most of the elements you've described. A brilliant computer systems analyst known as "The Architect" has created a form ...
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Science fiction novel involving a genetically engineered servant race uplifted from non-human primates

Could it be "Sims" by F. Paul Wilson? The publication timeframe matches the theme is spot on (but I don't recall if the twist ending you describe was used). And the cover was dark. Just a ...
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Building a house with mouth cement

After all the suggestions about Web of Souls, which I knew weren’t right but sounded so close, I went through Chalker’s bibliography and found it! Web of the Chozen! Plot of the Novel The book Web ...
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Book about two humans who genetically engineer themselves to be able to exist in outer space

This sounds like it could be the Ousters in Rise of Endymion, by Dan Simmons. The book was written in 1997 so it would have come before your earliest remembrance. While the book is about a lot of ...
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Science fiction novel about a group of genetically engineered young adults that lived in a "pod" or family group

Singularity's Ring by Paul Melko The story is set in a future after a singularity event, which caused the bulk of humanity to disappear. The focus of this event was a huge space station which rings ...
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Book about a boy (man?) who was genetically modified by his father

Gladiator, by Philip Wylie. The story begins at the turn of the 20th century. Professor Abednego Danner lives in a small, rural Colorado town, and has a somewhat unhappy marriage to a conservative ...
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Is Ender genetically-engineered?

No Is the Wiggin predisposition to military genius a natural genetic one, or was it altered in some artificial way? When authorizing Ender to be born, did the IF use genetic manipulation or genetic ...
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What was abnormal in Hanna's DNA?

This remains a mystery. From the script all you get is that Hanna's DNA is manipulated beyond what is possible in the human genome. What it does never gets determined but for what capacities Hanna ...
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90s Novel About Sentient Rocks

"Phylum Monsters" by Hayford Peirce. The Kliatt Young Adult Paperback Book Guide's review mentions: people communicating via sentient, telepathic Martian rocks Robert Claybom, life-stylist 29,354 ...
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