For questions about the comedy novel "Good Omens" written by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, about the end times, involving a demon and angel trying to stop the Antichrist. Use for both the novel and 2019 Amazon streaming series.

Published in 1990 and written vaguely before either author had found mainstream fame (In 1990, Pratchett's Discworld had just hit it's 8th novel Guards! Guards!, and Gaiman's Sandman comics had just completed it's first story arc), Good Omens became one of the more famous novels in either author's career. The collaboration started as a story idea Gaiman wasn't sure how to finish, and evolved as the two authors traded floppy disks back and forth, adding on to whatever their counterpart had written.

The plot largely centers on Crowley, a demon, and Aziraphale, an angel. The two met in Eden (Crowley being responsible for the famous apple, and Aziraphale warding the gate but loaning out his sword to the defenseless couple) while pondering over which action was right and which was wrong. They stayed on Earth since and developed a friendly rivalry over the centuries, alternately confounding and inspiring humankind as their superiors intended but generally being just as surprised at the good and bad things people come up with on their own.

Their comfortable field assignments come to an end when Crowley is handed an infant Antichrist for placement, and both Heaven and Hell's plans for Armageddon kick off. Crowley confides in Aziraphale and they attempt to balance good and evil's influence over the child to avert the end of the world, but unknown to either Crowley's mission didn't go exactly as planned. Three babies were swapped, not two, and the Antichrist is loose without any guidance at all. Thrown into the mix is a book of prophecy that seems to have seen it all coming, a young witch trying to follow those prophecies, a mild-mannered witchfinder and his offensive superior (the entirety of the modern Witchfinder Army), the Four Horsemen who've just been killing time among other things, the Antichrist's friends, and a lot of hilarity as random chaos erupts and no plan survives unscathed.

In 2019, Amazon released a TV series based on the books. This series is exclusive to Amazon.

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