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Do Batman villains typically have super powers?

I think I have read nearly all -- perhaps all! -- of the Batman-themed comic books which were published in the entire decade of the 1980s. (The early 1980s was when I started buying them, you see.) ...
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Gotham episode where the term 'black market' was taken literally

Sounds like you're referring to 'The Merc,' which appeared in Gotham S02E05, "Rise of the Villains: Scarification." From a recap of the episode: The youngest Pike heads to the Merc, which ...
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How old is Bruce Wayne during Gotham?

While not said explicitly, he is 12 in the pilot, and by season 4, we see a birthday cake for him in S4E18 which has either 17 or 18 candles on it (I had trouble seeing them clearly) which we can ...
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What Happened to Jonathan Crane after the events of Gotham Episode 15: "The Scarecrow"?

We got to know about Jonathan Crane's fate later on in season 4. In S04E01 aka "Pax Penguina", we see Jonathan Crane still in Arkham afraid of scarecrows; the local gang even used his fear of ...
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What war did James Gordon fight in?

In season 3 episode 7 “The Red Queen” during Jim’s hallucination/flashback, he is carrying an M16A1 (US Army standard issue during the Vietnam War) and he is also wearing what looks to be a Vietnam ...
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Is Gotham intended to be in the same universe as other DC/WB TV properties?

This is best explained by the following quote from Geoff Jones in October of 2014 when asked how the DC Extended Universe would compare to the Marvel Cinematic Universe: "We look at it as the ...
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How old is Bruce Wayne during Gotham?

As @Paul D. Waite said, he is 12 in the pilot episode, approaching 13 by the end of S1. Now, i once read a threat in reddit (posted below) that i could not agree more with, where someone said: Which ...
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Why are some villains in Gotham so much older than Bruce Wayne?

To build on Nerrolken's answer, take a look at the history of Batman villains in Film and TV: Batman (1966): Both Cesar Romero and Burgess Meredith were 59 when they fought a 38-year old Adam West. ...
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