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Refers to a system of government in a particular universe or world. Details on ruling styles, laws, history of the system, and government entities are appropriate for this tag.

Do not use this tag for questions about real world governments only for those related to SFF-nal works. Use this tag for questions involving political aspects of SFF works. These may include:

  • Questions about the structure of specific fictional governments or governmental departments found in SFF works, such as the Ministry of Magic, MACUSA, the Galactic Empire, the Alliance to Restore the Republic, the Sultanate of Agrabah, the nation of Wakanda, local governments of fictional Earth cities (e.g. Metropolis, Gotham), or various United Earth governments appearing in many works.
  • Questions involving how real-world governments appearing in SFF works interact with the plot or theme, such as to what extent the US government condones, endorses, or supports the activities of specific superheroes.
  • Questions about political rights of citizens or subjects of various SFF governments, including the right to vote, right to stand for election, qualifications of candidates, rules for elections, etc.
  • Questions about governmental procedures or policies appearing in SFF works, such as the procedure for becoming a citizen, the structure of taxation, etc.

For questions primarily touching on a point of law (e.g. "Is X legal in Y country?"), prefer the tag.