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Has the Green Arrow gone on a different planet?

I'll throw an answer out here, just to see if anybody comes up with an earlier one. In Justice League of America Volume 1, Issue 12 June 62, Dr Light sends the JLA to a variety of "sidereal"...
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Why does Green Arrow hate Batman?

Green Arrow and Batman always have had that sense of tension, years before the retro story in "Identity Crisis." Some of it is philosophical. Green Arrow is less reactionary than the other members ...
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Why does Green Arrow hate Batman?

The general consensus so far by people on the internet seems to be that it's about the Identity Crisis, when Ollie and several others had Batman's memory erased. Wally West questions Green Arrow ...
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Did Green Arrow ever acknowledge Batman as a "role model"

There was an acknowledgement of the situation by Batman, at least. This was quite a bit later than I originally thought, in the 2001 Green Arrow: Quiver series.* When the topics of the erstwhile ...
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Why doesn't the Green Arrow carry a sword?

In-Universe It's not unknown for Green Arrow in the comics to carry a sword. From the Wikia In a flashback sequence encompassing issues 66-68 (while he was recovering from said injuries on an island)...
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Does Thea Queen appear in the comics, in the same capacity as in the Arrowverse?

She is an amalgamation of multiple characters from the comics Including Mia Dearden. The writers hint to this by making Dearden her middle name. This blog post sums it up better than I could: ...
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How did this character exist in the new universe created in Crisis?

At the end of the episode, the president gives a speech in which she mentions how Oliver Queen, the Green Arrow sacrificed himself in the fight to save the Universe. This speech treats him as a well-...
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Why does Green Arrow hate Batman?

It definitely refers to Identity Crisis. Batman understood that for the safety of them and their loved ones, sometimes the JLA had to resort to wiping someone's memory of their identity to keep things ...
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Why does Green Arrow hate Batman?

It's definitely Identity Crisis. In a later story arc of JLA (starting in #115) Batman teams up with GA and others from the mind wipe incident and he and GA hash it out a bit more. I don't think it's ...
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What episode or season does Oliver tell someone to “Go to hell” and then the person fires back “Can’t. Already here”

Is it possible you're thinking of Adrian Chase in "Kapiushon", episode 17 of season 5? Adrian Chase : Cecil Adams. You know him by his street name, The Count.You put arrows in him. Oliver ...
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