For questions about The Honorverse, a fictional universe that serves as a setting for David Weber's Honor Harrington series of books. Named after the central character (Honor Harrington), the series later diverges, weaving together many different plots and sub-plots involving a vast number of characters across multiple star nations, all against the back-drop of a century-long inter-stellar war.

The main series spans a dozen or more novels, with two spin-off novel series, and several novellas and short stories (many collected into paperback editions known as the 'Worlds of Honor' collection).

Inspired largely by the Horatio Hornblower series, many real-life parallels can be drawn to the books, and the vast array of characters - all with their own personalities, motivations, and goals - is staggering.
The novels explore complex themes such as social freedoms, reproductive rights, religious fanaticism, and the proper relationship between civilian and military bodies.

The Honorverse features faster than light travel by way of 'hyperspace' and 'grav waves', and the series focuses on the largest war humanity has seen in six centuries, between two star nations: The huge, crumbling, conquest-driven Republic of Haven and the smaller, wealthier Star Kingdom of Manticore (and Allies).

Main inter-stellar powers (listed by size):

  • The Solarian League
  • The Republic of Haven
  • Silesian Confederacy
  • Andermani Empire
  • Star Kingdom of Manticore
  • Grayson
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