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Possibly "A Feasibility Study", Outer Limits (original series) season 1, episode 29 (1964), in which an entire neighborhood is abducted unawares and placed on a mist-shrouded planet. Humans who contact the aliens become covered with hard blister-like concretions. Plot summary from Wikipedia: The inhabitants of a six-block suburban area are ...


Stross's 'Laundry Files' novel Atrocity Archives features nazis escaped to another dimension. Also his novella Missile Gap, where the world seems to be gathered into a cosmic petri dish. BTW Charlie your 'buy my books' partnerId links are 404-ing


I think this might be Charles Stross's "A Colder War", available to read linked from Wikipedia and the author's website. The main viewpoint character, Roger Jourgensen, is a CIA analyst who writes up a report on the state of both the U.S. and Soviet governments' occult research for incoming President Ronald Reagan. This report attracts the ...


Pretty sure this is Teenage Monster (1958). In a 19th century town in the American Southwest, young Charlie Cannon sees a meteorite crash in the desert. While exploring the crash site, he is exposed to mysterious rays emanating from the meteorite that cause him to begin aging rapidly. His mother, a gold prospector named Ruth, hides him and the town believes ...

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