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Short story where the protagonist is hired by a necromancer

The Return of the Sorcerer by the incomparable Clark Ashton Smith. The story starts: I had been out of work for several months, and my savings were perilously near the vanishing point. Therefore I ...
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80s-90s horror movie about opening a gate to a hellish dimension

Maybe Prince of Darkness? I was trying to figure out the name of a movie similar to what you described and it was Prince of Darkness that I was looking for.
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Horror movie where the hero is knowingly resurrected each day to kill and be killed

The Deaths of Ian Stone Ian Stone is murdered each day by horrifying pursuers, only to wake up in slightly different lives to experience the terror of being ...
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Comic book where giant alien creature is explored underground

Robin posted some pictures of a comic book they read with a similar premise, which was identified here as being Image Comics's Unearth. When a flesh-warping disease ravages a remote village in Mexico,...
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