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In Dune could anyone become a human-worm hybrid?

No. Only someone with prescience, the experience of past lives, and total control over their metabolism could have become a worm-human hybrid. No sandtrout had ever before encountered a hand such ...
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Are House Elves biologically compatible with humans?

Elves are biologically compatible with humans. In Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald we meet Irma. The screenplay book describes her as "half-elf, half-human." [A tiny hand pushes ...
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Manuscript recovered from crashed plane about human-insect hive in Siberia

This sounds like Genesis Five (1968) by Henry Wilson Allen. It's been a long time, but this is what I remember: the time is the future USSR and the main character is half Tartar or half Mongol. He is ...
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Which was the first fantasy story to feature human-dragon hybrids?

Dragons mating with human women to produce offspring with dragonish (or at least superhuman) traits is a fairly common theme in some strands of folklore. I think the oldest examples may come from ...
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How do Human-Twi'lek hybrids work in Star Wars?

Short Answer: Unknown. The ins and outs of such genetic combinations in Star Wars is never directly addressed. Rather Longer Answer: Star Wars isn't sci-fi, nor is it meant to be. It's a space fantasy ...
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Looking for a kids' book with female human-reptilian hybrid

You haven't given us too much to go on, but this sounds like The Demon Headmaster Strikes Again (published 1996), part of the Demon Headmaster series. From Wikipedia: Dinah's father is headhunted ...
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Which was the first fantasy story to feature human-dragon hybrids?

In this episode the dragon becomes human and presumably could have a human child - so not technically an answer to the exact question- but very related. "The Return of Granamyr is the 60th ...
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Which was the first fantasy story to feature human-dragon hybrids?

If, rather than a folktale, we're looking for the first modern fantasy to feature a human-dragon hybrid, you're probably looking at Michael Moorcock's stories centering around the character Elric of ...
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Which was the first fantasy story to feature human-dragon hybrids?

Probably not the first case, but Dragon Half was released in January 1988. Mink was born to a man who used to be a skilled swordsman and a female imperial red dragon. At age fifteen, she falls in ...
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Why does Klaus need Elena's blood to create Hybrids?

To break the curse, Klaus needed to sacrifice a Doppelgänger, but they tricked him and saved Elena. Now Elena is the missing key to create a hybrid, that's why Klaus needed her blood. Katherine's ...
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When were the seeds of this Maximum Ride Forever plot element sown?

You need to read Hawk and City of the Dead to really understand what age she was. They follow Max and Fang's daughter, Phoenix, who has changed her name to Hawk. I love this series with my whole heart,...
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Facehugger-animal offspring

You can also state the following: A facehugger can put an embryo into everything, though uncertain it will succeed. The form of the alien depends of the skeletal structure of the host: A biped, like ...
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