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Possibly Light Verse, published in The Saturday Evening Post, September / October, 1973. If so, the (very) brief mention you're thinking of is: The very last person anyone would expect to be a murderer was Mrs. Avis Lardner. Widow of the great astronaut-martyr, she was a philanthropist, an art collector, a hostess extraordinary, and, everyone agreed, an ...


A complete collection of all of Asimov's fiction was planned, but abandoned after only two volumes. According to Isaac Asimov in the introduction to The Complete Stories, Volume 1, Doubleday intended to publish a uniform collection of all of his fiction: short stories and novels, science fiction and mysteries: It is time, therefore, for Doubleday to pull ...


The closest thing I can find is the 2-volume Asimov's Complete Stories published by Doubleday, though with only 80-odd stories it doesn't really look all that "complete."

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