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Does Captain Jack Harkness sleep?

If we look at the canonical quote listed in the answer to "Does Jack Harkness "need" to eat?", courtesy of Rand al'Thor: DOCTOR [behind door]: When did you first realise? JACK: ...
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Does Jack Harkness "need" to eat?

No, but he'll have to die and return to life if he doesn't. From Doctor Who series 3 episode 10, Utopia (not Torchwood, but same character and same universe): DOCTOR [behind door]: When did you ...
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Is Jack Harkness in love with the Doctor?

Oh, I think he is. Take a look at the spinoff show, Torchwood. Sometimes he runs off with the Doctor- without anyone else knowing. You see, Captain Jack Harkness wouldn't open the rift for anyone, not ...
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Does Captain Jack Harkness sleep?

Jack does sleep. As a result of his immortality (or maybe just his 55th Century physiology) he seems to require less sleep than a 21st Century human, but that's not to say that he doesn't still need ...
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Is Captain Jack Harkness connected to the TARDIS in any way due to Rose using TARDIS powers to resurrect him?

No. Rose / Bad Wolf used the powers she got from the TARDIS to resurrect him, and his resurrection stuck, but there's no evidence that he retained any connection to TARDIS energy after that. We don't ...
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Is there anything beyond subtle hints that Jack becomes the Face of Boe?

Well besides the whole blatant hint of him saying that he used to be known as the 'Face of Boe' in The Last of the Timelords. The whole thing with Boe knowing about Yana, the other time lord because ...
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Is the Face of Boe’s death linked to the destruction of Earth?

The Blessing did not give Jack immortality. Jack's immortality stemmed from Rose being unable to control her powers and reviving him but accidentally making him immortal. All The Blessing did was ...
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Is Jack Harkness in love with the Doctor?

For me it always meant something like : I know what it's like. It's like, it's like when you fancy someone and they don't even know you exist. You too (know what its like), huh ? So he's just ...
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