Time was fixed. That just didn't affect the modern players. When we first see the Vreeke House (even odds on whether you heard that as "Freak House", I did), the home and land are completely run down, the house is visibly falling apart, and gives a first impression of being abandoned. Until Alex's father shows up, clearly bitter and still grieving over ...


The film, although containing some slight elements of science fiction (the characters, for example enter a fantasy world via a framing story involving a magical games console) was marketed exclusively as a fantasy / adventure story. The initial casting call sheet is a good example of this; Jumanji is an upcoming American fantasy adventure film directed by ...


There is one (altered) character that appears in both movies: Van Pelt. In Jumanji, he's a big game hunter that escapes from the game into the real world. In Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, he's been transformed by the game into an explorer and antagonist/rival to the PCs. The two are also played by different actors: Jonathan Hyde vs Bobby Cannavale.


No. I saw the new one recently and as far as I remember there are no cameos by any original movie actor. However, there are subtle references to characters from the previous movie. The references which I noticed are (Spoiler Alert!):


The only way I see for the two films to have the same time travel rules is if after the end of the first film Judy and Peter get replaced by the versions of themselves that played Jumanji (which obviously we never saw). Looking at just the first one it appeared that finishing the game created an alternate timeline where Alan and Sarah had the memory of ...

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