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What color is the button bezel on Qui-Gon Jinn's lightsaber?

This is the 'hero'* lightsaber wielded by Neeson in The Phantom Menace and sold at auction by Propstore. The bezel under the activation button is grey/silver. Neeson appears to have a second copy of ...
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Would a lightsaber ignite a flammable substance?

When Darth Vader was fighting Obi-wan the first time in the Kenobi series, he used his lightsaber to light a big flame and used the Force to throw Obi-wan into the fire. He said "Now you will ...
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Why does Luke have a blue lightsaber post-ROTJ in some early Legends works?

The lightsaber was originally intended to be blue, but was changed during film production. From IMDB: Originally, the color of Luke's new lightsaber was blue, the same as the one he lost in Star Wars:...
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When did lightsabers first appear in the Star Wars timeline?

Canon: at least as early as c. 25,020 BBY In the Canon reference book Star Wars: Timelines, the timeline showing the early history of the Jedi Order has an entry for when the droid Professor Huyang ...
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