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Why did Cordwainer Smith name several characters "five-six" in different languages?

This answer is based on discussions I had with someone I met who had also known Paul Linebarger in the 1960s. (I believe that it has also been confirmed by his daughter, Rosana Hart, who maintains a ...
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What do the novel titles of The Expanse series refer to?

My interpretations of the titles are: 1. Leviathan Wakes The Leviathan is a sea monster in Judaism, most well known from its appearance in the Book of Job. The title refers to the waking of the long-...
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Is Interstellar an allegory of the Holy Trinity?

Nolan says that he hasn't (intentionally) included a religious subtext to the film, but that some of the imagery, and definitely the soundtrack are inspired by "religiosity" in general. “...
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Chinese narrative style in Cordwainer Smith stories

As the OP notes, it is frequently asserted that Cordwainer Smith (the pseudonym used by Paul Linebarger) wrote using a traditional Chinese narrative style, and certainly it is true that his stories ...
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Symbolic Names of Characters in “Stranger in a Strange Land” (RAH)

Such symbolic names are often intended, by the author, to illuminate the character's significance or place in the plot. The names used in Stranger do not seem to me to directly alter or illuminate the ...
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Is JK Rowling an architect or a gardener, for her Harry Potter series?

An Architect What do the terms “Architect” and “Gardener” actually mean? According to George R.R. Martin, in a 2011 interview: Yeah, to some extent. I've always said there are – to oversimplify it – ...
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Role and significance of Molly Grue

Molly is quite possibly the most important character in the book because she is the sounding pole by which we measure our own personal growth. When we read the book or see the movie when we are young, ...
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Why did Cordwainer Smith name several characters "five-six" in different languages?

Web searches mostly turn up various copies and translations of the Wikipedia article. The WP article is useful because it clarifies the fact that 5-6 is not the only number he used, nor did he always ...
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What do the novel titles of The Expanse series refer to?

In the books they use "burn" to describe moving fast. Hard burn is used to describe when the ships are moving so fast it is uncomfortable to exist inside the ship. Cibola was one of the 7 ...
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How integral is legend to the Tolkien Legendarium itself?

With Silmarillion, Tolkien wanted to create a mythology similar to for example the Norse one, and that's what he considered his most important work. He wanted Silmarillion to be belivable, and so he ...
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Significance of van Hoek's Manila Galleon narration in The Confusion

Is van Hoek simply spinning a fanciful tale to inspire the crew to stay with them on their next voyage, or is there a deeper meaning to this tale? That's it, there's no deeper meaning. The next ...
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