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How do the escaped runners prove that nobody has ever renewed?

It's because of the computer telling him, once directly in a pre-film script and by implication in the film itself. 1975 Script: Impossible! Question: Maybe they weren't all Runners. Maybe most of ...
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What did the crowd think it took to win renewal in "Carousel"?

The concept of "life renewal" appears to have changed over the course of the production process. The early draft of the film script (as mentioned above) states that renewal means reaching ...
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Why is the “Cathedral District” in “Logan’s Run” such a run down and sketchy place to begin with?

In the 1967 novel, it’s apparent that Cathedral is occupied by violent, feral children—referred to as “Cubscouts”—who are a deadly menace, likely because they weren’t “machine-reared” like everyone ...
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How do the escaped runners prove that nobody has ever renewed?

Logan's incredulity is down to the fact that he simply can't imagine that the city has 1056 citizens (runners or others) that are unaccounted-for. He's aware of the size and scope of the city and ...
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When does Logan become a runner?

To carry out his mission, Logan has to become a legitimate Runner. He thus has two conflicting motivations that are, however, in practice mostly identical. In order to track down Sanctuary and ...
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How does getting a new face help?

The children living in the Cathedral aren't runners, they're cubs, basically feral children who live outside of the central plaza. The full quote (from the script) is SANDMAN (embarrassed): I lost ...
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How long had Box been running amok when Logan discovered him?

Box' original purpose was to freeze and preserve food for storage. "[The food] stopped, and they (the runners) started", it explains. This suggests that the delivery system for the food ended, ...
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How do the escaped runners prove that nobody has ever renewed?

The question--if some of the 1056 unaccounted runners weren't runners because they were renewed--implies that the computer makes mistakes. So Logan doubts the computer and then doubts the general ...
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