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Why are there American-style vehicles in "Mad Max: Fury Road"?

Lots of US muscle cars are being brought over to Australia currently, as the law now states that if they are older than 30 years, they are able to be registered as a classic and don't need to be ...
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Why is Immortan Joe called that?

Immortan = Immortal Man From an interview with Hugh Keays-Byrne, the actor who plays Immortan Joe: Q: What is an “Immortan?” KEAYS-BYRNE: “Immortal Man.” So the cult, the idea: you can’t kill me. I’...
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Who is the man with facial deformities in Mad Max: Fury Road?

His name is Shyan Tonga, a street busker in Sydney Australia. https://www.facebook.com/ShyanTongaMusic/photos/236239163470341
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How much blood did Mad Max lose in Fury Road?

This answer is based on a link provided by Odin1806. The blood tube is attached to Max in the right subclavian artery, which has a blood flow of 167 ml / minute. Nux attaches the tube to Max at 11:...
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What does the term "Fury Road" mean in-universe?

There are no definitive answers from Miller regarding "Fury Road" as an actual location, so we have to look for symbolic references. Nux refers to it as "the Fury Road" as if the name is very ...
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Which are the written words that appears in "Mad Max: Fury Road" between the scene of the tree and the chain and the scene of Joe´s death?

The War Boys still know how to write, as evidenced by Max getting an ID tattoo giving away his blood types and some of his characteristics (eyes, scars...) When Immortan Joe realizes his wives are ...
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Who is the man with facial deformities in Mad Max: Fury Road?

One of “The Accusing Dead” The character with facial deformities in Mad Max: Fury Road is one of the characters known as “The Accusing Dead”. He is portrayed by Shyan Tonga, according to the film's ...
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Mad Max Fury Road: How did such sophisticated societies develop in the short time since the apocalypse?

Mad Max: Fury Road is not clearly in continuity with the previous movies. Tom Hardy describes the movie as more of a reboot than a sequel/prequel. We have to take it differently as George is ...
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What is the timeline for the Mad Max series?

The original Mad Max, which released in 1979, opens with the caption “A few years from now”. That, and a piece of graffiti on a road sign in one scene dated December, 1984, puts the events of the ...
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What is the timeline for the Mad Max series?

To summarize information found by searching for Mad Max chronology. Without comic book tie ins or other outside-of-movie clues, here's the information available. Mad Max: "a few years from now&...
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What is the timeline for the Mad Max series?

The timeline of the series was originally laid out in 1979 and the few years from now probably meant today's world in many ways. Without doubt we are perhaps in the Mad Max first movie world with ...
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How can the fate of the Interceptor be consistent?

The Mad Max: Fury Road comics act as a prequel to the movie. In the first issue, Max goes to Gastown and enters a Thunderdome there to get a new engine for his Interceptor that he'd been rebuilding.
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