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This is the Pelmen the Powershaper trilogy by Robert Don Hughes. The two-headed dragon is in the first book, The Prophet of Lamath, and the sentient castle is in the second, The Wizard in Waiting. The third book is called The Power and the Prophet. Original covers by Darrel K. Sweet


It depends But for the most part, no. There's a total of 4 notable ships that we know of: The Flying Dutchman This ship can sail through the water and also ascend. It is almost always with the wind and because of this, it is usually always faster than other ships including the Black Pearl. Unless the Black Pearl has the wind and/or the Dutchman doesn't,...


The Black Pearl is said to be faster than most ships in the series, except the Flying Dutchman against the wind. The Black Pearl was in its earlier life the Wicked Wench until Davy Jones saved it and Jack Sparrow from the depths and gave the resurrected ship magical speed. All this is in Wikipedia.


Portals of Infinity by John Van Stry is what you're looking for. William is just your typical engineer fresh out of college with a stressful job, a boring life, and not a lot of prospects of anything better in the future. Until one weekend while hiking in the woods he stumbles across a portal to another time, or perhaps another place. The more ...


Isaac Bonewits defined Thaumaturgy as the science of magic explaining the Laws in it are "like those of physics or of musical harmony, are practical observations that have been accumulating over the course of thousands of years, with remarkable similarity in almost every known human culture." To grossly oversimplify the Laws are: The Law of Knowledge: “...


This is Nowhere Boys (2013-). The show contains magic, bees and a scene where the characters travel through a swirly woodland portal thingy into a parallel universe.


Plot seems similar to Otto is a Rhino (1983). Topper is an optimistic young boy with a vivid imagination. He is also in love with Cilla, but she thinks he's very crazy. One day Topper finds a pencil and draws a rhino that comes to live! This changes everything.

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