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In Red Mars, why did Frank want to kill John?

Getting back together with Toitovna was a nice bonus, but it was explicitly a political assassination that Chalmers thought was going to make him the primary moulder of the emerging Martian society in ...
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When did John Boone first land on Mars

My edition (Voyager, paperback, 1996) has a timeline at the end of the book (p671) that says the first landing was in 2020 - six years before the Ares left for Mars. Confoundingly, the blurb text on ...
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Does 2312 take place in the same universe as the Mars Trilogy?

Some folks here have said they are not, and apparently even the author says not so I ca'nt argue with that. The similarities are very strong. Though it has been a while since I read 2312, for some ...
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