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Early 2000s (or earlier) book: Sun turns into red giant, Earth installs a time dilation field and heroes are stranded on Mars

Le Soleil va mourir (1977) by Christian Grenier, which would translate to "The Sun is dying" or "The Sun will die". As far as I can see, there is no English translation. Most of ...
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Explorers on Mars in danger. They enter a martian settlement to ask for help. Later discover they were teleported miles to safety and never noticed

This is Heinlein's Red Planet, I think. The heroes, Jim and Frank (teenage boys) are travelling overland on Mars, and in desperation, seek shelter in a Martian town (they had previously had friendly ...
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Small girl visits sweet innocent-seeming Martian old lady. She is far less harmless than she seems

This is "One Martian Afternoon" (1953) by Tom Leahy. It was first published in If, July 1953, reprinted as a chapbook in 2009, and collected a few times since (but not earlier). It's ...
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Short Story. Humans land on Mars. Communicate with martians by drawing pictures. Miscommunication gets humans killed

Communication by Charles L. Fontenay. It was published in 1956 so it is indeed an old story. It can be read on the Project Gutenberg web site. THE first terrestrial expedition to Mars didn’t find any ...
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Book about kid going to Mars and communicating with his friend

Might it be.. Hover by Mark Wayne McGinnis The year is 2049, and we most certainly are not alone… A miraculous, life-enhancing microbe has been ...
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