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Wong: While heroes like the Avengers protect the world from physical dangers, we sorcerers safeguard it against more mystical threats. Doctor Strange The Avengers weren’t involved in the events of Doctor Strange because it is not the type of threat they deal with or even know about. That said Doctor Strange takes place in 2016 to 20171. So during ...


Consider how little of the major events actually take place where the general public would be able to see them. The initial fight takes place entirely within the Mirror Dimension so the only part anyone that isn't a wizard might notice would be the Ancient One appearing out of nowhere on the street. The first battle for the New York Sanctum that we do see ...


You're most certainly talking about the Steel Serpent. He was introduced in 1975 only. Being able to drain the power of the Iron Fist from its wielder is the most notable ability in his power set. This happened in the Marvel Team-Up Vol. 1 #64 (1977).


By the time we see Hulk in Thor: Ragnarok he has become the Grandmaster’s top champion and has been winning fights for years. He is clearly loving it and doesn’t want to leave, he plays up for the crowd and is having a lot of fun. It’s made clear he doesn’t want to leave when Thor starts coming up with an escape plan and Hulk doesn’t want to go along with it:...


Carol can travel insanely fast. The fastest on screen example of this we see is at the end of Captain Marvel when she leaves Earth with the Skrulls and can easily keep up with the ship going at what appears to be lightspeed. However, we know she can't travel instantaneously so there is some cap to her speed. We know this ...


In "The Truth of History" (2008), Thor and the Warriors Three find themselves way back in Ancient Egypt. Thor lends a hammer to help slaves cutting giant stones for a pyramid.

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