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While fighting Iron Man in Amazing Spider-Man #544, Peter unloaded all the webbing he had stored in his body at the time in order to hold Iron Man prisoner. Iron Man broke free a few pages later when his repulsors came back online (they were temporarily offline as a result of having overheated earlier in the fight). Click images to enlarge.


In Amazing Spider-Man #28, Peter graduated from Midtown High School with a science scholarship to Empire State University. In various 1960s issues such as Amazing Spider-Man #31, #45 and #47, it was stated or otherwise indicated that Peter was a science major at ESU. According to a caption in Marvel Team-Up #27, Peter was specifically a physics major ...


Spider-Man usually only has web shooters and the organic ones have occurred rarely in the comics and in the Raimi trilogy. To coincide with Raimi's trilogy and the change to have Peter have organic webs and not web shooters the comics also made that same change. To cut a long story short Peter is turned into a spider by Queen, births from the spider and ever ...


As far as I know, Jonah never published any articles accusing Spider-Man of being a mutant. However, in Amazing Spider-Man #282, he suggested Spider-Man was a mutant while hiring X-Factor to capture him. Jonah later indicated that he didn't actually care whether Spider-Man was a mutant or not; it appears he just said what he did to get X-Factor to take the ...

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