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Why wasn't the Black Widow destroyed by the four Infinity Stones she held in Widow’s Run?

As far as I know, a possible answer to this question is: inconsistency. In the very first episode of Season 2, titled The Arsenal, Red Skull arrives on Earth with the Power Stone. While the Avengers ...
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What happened to the second bangle?

Carol is shown wearing it when they are in Louisiana.
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Why did Kamala wear her bangle at the end of "The Marvels" (2023)?

After Kamala has helped get her family to the escape pod, and just as she is about to join the other two Marvels in the final fight, Kamala explains to Fury: Dar-Benn’s opened another jump point… and ...
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When does Daredevil happen?

After Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and before Avengers: Age of Ultron — late 2014 or early 2015 If you want to know when Daredevil season 1 fits into the MCU timeline, check out the Disney+ MCU ...
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Why does Skye / Daisy / Quake use such a limited version of her power when fighting?

As you pointed out in your question, she was wearing the gauntlets. It is quite possible for her to use her lethal abilities in combat to defeat her enemies. However, we know that the gauntlets ensure ...
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What's the deal with the white man spectating the match set in 1200 AD, Alabama?

According to Echo concept artist Winona Nelson, that man is indeed a Viking, as some have speculated. Unfortunately, they did not explain further as to how or why the Viking man was there. Another ...
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Is there an in-universe reason as to why people are not surprised to have their pizza delivered by Spider-Man?

There is not. One might speculate, but there is no in-universe justification for why nobody seems surprised that Spider-Man is delivering pizzas, nor for why they decide to order pizza in places that ...
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Are there any superheroes in the Spider-Verse that are not Spider-Beings?

I have answered a similar question a while back. The short answer is: yes, there are other superheroes in the "Spider-Verse". To understand why the answer is a pretty simple yes, we need to ...
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How long was Doctor Strange in training under the Ancient One?

Nine months to one year and three months The film Doctor Strange does not clearly show how long Stephen Strange spent learning the Mystic Arts under the Ancient One in Kamar-Taj. Fortunately, we have ...
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Why did Loki say Thor can't see Jane if he destroys the Bifrost when space travel was a thing?

Not knowing how deep into the entire space travel part of the MCU that these films would venture, I'm thinking it was merely a slip by Marvel producers to not have Thor get back to Jane by simply ...
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How does long-distance space travel work in the MCU?

Long-distance space travel in the MCU is achieved by using “jump points”, which are wormholes that link different planetary systems by stretching and reconfiguring space. We learn more about the ...
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