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President Snow’s granddaughter is not named. Snow’s granddaughter is never given a name. She is only ever mentioned once in the books, at the end of Mockingjay when Coin holds the vote for whether there should be one last Hunger Games using Capitol children. "It was mine," says Coin. "It seemed to balance the need for vengeance with the least ...


From a linguistical and writing perspective, Galen is almost the perfect name for a sci-fi or fantasy character for combining the following features: It is not bear any linguistic hallmarks that lead to association with a real-world language or culture for most readers. Contrast with Galenos (Greek and the original name), Calenus (Latin), Galnert (Germanic),...


In the credits, they're listed as Prince and Princess Pondicherry. I think we can reasonably assume that they do have names, but they're not disclosed in the film (for which she was created) or the source novel which only mentions the prince.


Yasskier gives a good basis that I would like to continue on with. A lot of these names seems to be synonyms of the same thing. Some like Witch, Mage, Sorceress and Enchantress seem to be largely for a similar group of magic users whilst professions go deeper into specific theorems and areas of magid and both differ in different levels of society and ...

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