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Which Abednedo are named after Beastie Boys titles?

Named after Beastie Boys titles Awls Ooteek, after the album Paul's Boutique Brasmon Kee, after the song "Brass Monkey" from Licensed to Ill Ello Asty, after the album Hello Nasty Ilco ...
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Does the name of Shub Niggurath contain or reference a racial slur?

Robert Price makes the following etymological claim in his introduction to the collection The Shub-Niggurath Cycle: Shub-Niggurath first appears in the 1927 tale "Clarendon's Last Test" (...
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Why was Frodo "wise" and Samwise a "half-wit"?

In Appendix F, section II in The Return of the King, we note the following: But Sam and his father Ham were really called Ban and Ran. These were shortenings of Banazîr and Ranugad, originally ...
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Mortal Kombat: Why is Scorpion called that name?

I don't know how reliable this is, but Giant Bomb has this to say about Scorpion: Scorpion was originally known as Hanzo Hasashi, the greatest warrior in the Shirai Ryu ninja clan, though he was ...
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Why are the worlds of Might & Magic referred to as "nacelles"?

A nacelle in Might and Magic, is a large slab like structure created by the ancients. The English word Nacelle comes from French and means small boat. So I would presume that they are meant to be &...
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Does Ron ever introduce himself as "Ronald Weasley" in Harry Potter?

Ron presents his name as Ronald on the sign fixed to his bedroom door. This is first seen when Harry arrives at the Burrow in Chapter 3 of Chamber of Secrets: They climbed two more flights until they ...
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Mortal Kombat: Why is Scorpion called that name?

In Mortal Kombat 4 (1997) he literally turns into a scorpion to perform his fatality move. That being said, his trademark move from the earliest games is his chain-...
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In Welcome to Night Vale, what name(s) were given to Khoshek's kittens?

According to the transcript of episode 207, "LOST: CAT," the cats' adoptive names were Mixtape, Larry Leroy, and Potato, whilst their birth names were Rafael, Jeremiah, and Anissa, ...
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Does the name Ten Forward have any precedent in the real world or in fiction?

If you are looking for real word uses then yes, 10 forward can be seen on many large ships, 10 means deck ten and forward literally is used in maritime as the front of the ship, so ten forward means ...
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Why does everyone call Hagrid by his last name?

I stumbled upon this question and I know that I am late to the party, but another explenation, is that Hagrid is older than all the Hogwarts staff. Snape for example was born on the 9th January 1960, ...
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What is the earliest instance of Spock being called "Dr. Spock"?

Printed instances of the error go back to at least early September 1967. Specifically, the listings magazine Cue published the following description of the episode "Amok Time", first ...
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